Best Albums of 2015 (thus far)

by Josh Kohan With Sun Kil Moon’s spoken word epic Benji and War on Drugs’ hypnotic Lost in a Dream recorded in 2014, that year will go down as one of the most musically inspiring.  It was a year for rock veterans to produce career-solidifying classics as well as a few new (relatively) guys on […]

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Solid Gold Weirdos

Solid Gold Heart Jad Fair & Danielson Sounds Familyre, 2014 By Matt Meade When I was nine, I used a Panasonic portable tape recorder to record a rock and roll song that I wrote entitled “Power Rock.”  There were no instruments.  There was no band.  It was just me singing the words of this song […]

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Darkness and Light and Oregon

Ten years ago, we thought Sufjan Stevens belonged to all of us. When he produced two state-themed albums, Michigan and Illinois, and announced a career plan to make an album for each of the remaining forty-eight states, we thought he would be our Walt Whitman. He would turn his unique musical and literary gifts over […]

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Sufjan Stevens With Cold Specks @ The Palace Theater, Albany, NY – Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I fell hard for the music of Sufjan Stevens back in 2005,[i] when I was passing out burned CDs of Illinois to unsuspecting friends with labels featuring my grand, Sharpie-scrawled pronouncements: “the great pop composer of our generation,” or “the white hipster Stevie Wonder.” He sang in a falsetto whisper, on subjects of therapy-session emotionality, […]

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