Roots and Roses

Something More Than Free Jason Isbell Southeastern Records, 2015 Americana artists are a dime a dozen.  The field is as crowded as that of the 2016 GOP hopefuls, and sometimes it can feel just as stodgy and unimaginative.  How long can a genre go back to the well of its influences – the cadences and […]

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Top 5 Gillian Welch Songs

by Noah Kucij Call it acoustic roots-rock or slowgrass or modern folk, but the music of Gillian Welch (pronounced like the gills on a fish, as she sometimes tells audiences in a conspiratorial stage whisper) is less interesting to classify than it is to hear.  She’s better known for the traditional elements of her sound […]

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yesper and his vulgar mouth

senses sensei yesper self-released, 2014 by Matt Meade A lot of bands (Destroyer, Ducktails, Bon Iver for that last track on their 2011 record) think it’s cool to sound like the 80s. They are wrong.  There is nothing cool about the gauzy, neutered studio sounds of that era.  There is nothing cool about the glowing sheen […]

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Old School Record Review Interview Series Ep. #20- Liz Frame and The Kickers

This week on Old School Record Review, Boston based singer-songwriter Liz Frame of Liz Frame and The Kickers called into the show to discuss her band’s EP, Justine. With a knack for universal storytelling and powerful vocals, Liz has often been compared to artists like Lucinda Williams, Sheryl Crow and Natalie Merchant. You can purchase […]

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Misunderstandings, Set to Music

Goodbye, Cagoule World, Benjamin Shaw, Audio-Antihero 2014 by Matt Meade I don’t know what a cagoule (or Kagoule) is.  Even after looking it up, and finding out that it’s what the British call a lightweight anorak, I’m still confused.  And don’t even ask me what the record title is supposed to mean.  How are we […]

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