nothing lasts forever

something forever the mineral girls self-released, 2014 by Matt Meade I hate when anything is all lowercase.  It drives me nuts.  It feels like some kind of clever marketing gimmick to me.  I hate marketing, I hate clever, and I hate gimmicks. I used to love it, of course.  I came of age in the […]

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Never Heard of ‘Em? #8 – yesper

yesper  by Matt Meade “Cannibal King” isn’t what you think.  It’s not a cookie monster vocalist gutteralizing all over a thrash metal track at 220 BPM. It’s a delicate, gentle song by a talented singer-songwriter borrowing phrasing from The Flaming Lips’ “Waiting for a Superman,” and making coy references to “the quiet strength of the Carpenter’s house…” Not […]

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Never Heard of ‘Em? #4

by Matt Meade The Sad Bastard Book Club – It’s not just the name of the band that I love so much.  It’s the sparse hellfire of the lyrics. It’s the warning label length song titles.  It’s the minor key guitar noodling. It’s the Gregorian chant back up vocals.  And, yeah Ok, it’s the name […]

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