Just About to Climax

River Bones  bleeklino Self-Released, 2016 By Matt Meade Judging by his Instagram account, Nico Haag is doing something with his 20s.  He is going to interesting places, taking pictures of random things, spending time with beautiful people, and growing ironic mustaches.  He is also working on the first full-length from his bleeklino project, which will […]

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Ryan Adams’ 1989: A Tasteful Rebuttal – OR – Why Ryan Adams Should Not Be Compared to Staind, Ever

1989 Ryan Adams PAX AM, 2015 by: Scott Lowder Upon reading the title of Matt Meade’s review of Ryan Adams’ 1989, I threw up in my mouth a little. The nerve of a man to compare one of my favorite songwriters to Aaron Lewis of Staind! In most cases, I let things posted on the internet […]

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Miley’s Pet Cemetery

Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz Smiley Miley, 2015 By Matt Meade When I first saw the pictures of Miley Cyrus with Wayne Coyne on Instagram, (because yes I am a man in his 30s with a family who follows Miley Cyrus on Instagram), I wondered if she was taking for granted her […]

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Roots and Roses

Something More Than Free Jason Isbell Southeastern Records, 2015 Americana artists are a dime a dozen.  The field is as crowded as that of the 2016 GOP hopefuls, and sometimes it can feel just as stodgy and unimaginative.  How long can a genre go back to the well of its influences – the cadences and […]

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Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy…

Guppy Ben Shaw Kirigirisu Recordings, 2015 By Matt Meade I’ve spent the year since Ben Shaw’s 2014 album Goodbye, Cagoule World listening to his back catalog. It sounds like he has too. When Ben Shaw turned in Goodbye, Cagoule World he was doing it because it was time for him to turn in that kind […]

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The Middle Age of the Wolf

Apologies to the Queen Mary Wolf Parade Sub Pop, 2005 By Matt Meade The tragedy of young adulthood isn’t that young people don’t know their adolescence is precious and fleeting.  Old people are known for blaming the young for wasting their youths on things like smoking too much weed, spending more money on shoes than they […]

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Solid Gold Weirdos

Solid Gold Heart Jad Fair & Danielson Sounds Familyre, 2014 By Matt Meade When I was nine, I used a Panasonic portable tape recorder to record a rock and roll song that I wrote entitled “Power Rock.”  There were no instruments.  There was no band.  It was just me singing the words of this song […]

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Darkness and Light and Oregon

Ten years ago, we thought Sufjan Stevens belonged to all of us. When he produced two state-themed albums, Michigan and Illinois, and announced a career plan to make an album for each of the remaining forty-eight states, we thought he would be our Walt Whitman. He would turn his unique musical and literary gifts over […]

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