Dave Keneston

kenestonDave Keneston is the host of the I Fucking Love That Band and Old School Record Review podcasts on Old School Record Review.  He  also contributes written pieces on occasion for OSRR. Dave is an amateur musician and has been a music enthusiast his entire life. His main focus for the podcasts is to give different perspectives and genres a voice, while simultaneously talking a lot of shit, and having a good time. If you would like to be a podcast guest or just want say what’s up, Dave can be reached by email at and his twitter handles are @oldschooleview and @dkeneston. He invites all points of view as having a passion for music and generating dialogue are of paramount importance to his life.

Matt Meade


Matt Meade is a freelance writer and a failed musician.  He grew up in upstate New York, and now lives just outside of Chicago.  His guilty pleasures include bad horror films, going commando, and ice cream with a lot of stuff in it. He can, at times, be a bit self-righteous, and he is always grumpy in the morning. You can contact him at and you can follow him on twitter @MatthewTMeade.

Noah Kucij


Noah Kucij is a teacher and writer — fascinating combo, no? — situated in South Carolina.

Matt Rector


Matt Rector is uniquely qualified to judge the musical output of others because he has absolutely no musical talent or training himself. Also because of his smug eyebrows. Contact at

David Schwittek


Dave is an artist, designer, and film maker working at Lehman College in the Bronx. He ensures the uptime of anything plugged in. He also teaches graphic design, digital media, and documentary filmmaking. He listens to music all day, he’s developing a documentary on the origins of music, and he can’t talk to you if music is playing.

Sarah Gray

IMG_02332Sarah Gray’s favorite color is yellow.  One time she pet a tiger and a giraffe, but not at the same time.  She has played three instruments in the past and remembers how to play one of them, but intends to use none of that expertise on this site.  She lives in Boston with her books and her clothes and two chairs.

Josh Kohan

josh bio pic

Josh likes music except that dreadful band Vampire Weekend, and he thinks that alone qualifies him to be a music critic with a good ear. He teaches English Composition at three (or is it four?) area colleges. This puts him in a position to neither collect health insurance nor sick pay, but enough time to write about artists much more talented than himself. When not traveling the globe, having heartburn from too much Buffalo wings, or going to shows, he lives with his spoiled cat and tolerant wife in Albany, New York.

 Alyssa Vincent


Contributing editor Alyssa Vincent is a librarian, a fashionista, a former journalist, a smasher of the patriarchy and she once zinged Ira Glass.  She dares you.  She double-dog dares you.

3 thoughts on “Bios

  1. Hi. I just discovered your website today. I play guitar for Lonesome Val Haynes as well as other projects. I thought the video clip from the Hanger in Troy sounded pretty good. Thanks for posting that. I have read some of your reviews of recordings and especially enjoyed David Schittek’s account of hearing Miles Davis’s “Bitches Brew” as a teen. That’s roughly when I first heard it on my parents’ monaural hi-fi. I’m not finding contact info for David. I would like to ask him if he would be interested in reviewing my latest release if he is still active. If not, would anyone else be interested in some instrumental rock containing American Roots, Latin, Jazz, African and Electronica elements?
    Todd Nelson

    1. Todd. Thanks for the kind words. Schwittek certainly has a unique take on things. He is currently spearheading an archaeological project trying to unearth something interesting to say about the new Panic! at the Disco record. If anyone can do it it’s him. We’ll try to get in touch with him. Until then keep Americana-Roots-Rocking and keep reading. -MTM

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