Old School Record Review grew out of a nearly two decade long conversation about pop music had by a group of friends, who now live all across the world.  This blog is meant to be a vehicle for continuing and for cataloging that sometimes silly, sometimes contentious, sometimes revelatory conversation. 

The form that this conversation will take will be myriad and may include content such as traditional record reviews from any era, recent or remote; top 10 lists that may not be completely accurate, exhaustive, and may not even contain 10 entries; short videos (which I guess, technically, you would call vlogs); original music; podcasts; highly personal confessions, and whatever else we feel inclined to include. 

Also, the one guarantee that can be made is that when you read this blog, no matter the topic, no matter your background, or your expertise, you will always be wrong.

Thanks for checking us out.  

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Seriously? Your artciles look like random text. There is no context to your content at all, just a bunch of links. Try using titles, or taglines to let me know what the individual articles are about, and get rid of the graphics!

  2. No prob. I do stuff like that all the time. I can take it down if you want, but i sort of like it.

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