#229: Aerosmith, “Toys in the Attic” (1975)

The RS 500 is a project that strives to, in their own words, “use each [of the Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums] as a backdrop for equally great creative writing. From #500 (Aquemini) down to #1 (Sgt. Peppers)…”


I had the pleasure of writing about Aerosmith.


“I didn’t go out of my way to choose Toys in the Attic—it sort of fell into my lap because no one else who writes for this website wanted to write about it. And I understand why people who love music wouldn’t want to write about this band. Because of their longevity, Aerosmith has managed to be present in every generation of music since the Nixon administration, but also to be strongly associated with none of them. Even as they re-emerge with each new generation, they seem to belong to no single era in particular. Having been constantly handed down, they are always re-invented, but never different. They are a product—an LLC in 4/4 time. The band is everywhere, from everywhen, but belong to nobody…”


Read the full article here at http://www.thers500.com/albums/229-aerosmith-toys-in-the-attic-1975/


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