Never Heard of ‘Em? #21 – Lip Talk

railbird1Once upon a time, there was a band called Railbird. They were from Saratoga, NY, and they played a lot of shows in and around the Albany area, where I live. Railbird had a bunch of guys who all seemed to play about a dozen instruments, and a pretty singer-songwriter whose voice was quirky and powerful and whose lyrics were cryptic and fascinating. They started out playing mandolins and stand-up bass in little bars and coffee shops and over a couple of years, evolved into a strange and mesmerizing musical creature that swam in the chasm between folk and electronica. They released an album called No One in 2011, and a lot of people around here agreed that they were the best band we could reasonably call ours. Their synthed-up live shows began to experiment with acoustic frontiers that vibrated in my guts and left me stunned, and I started to feel a little embarrassed after seeing them because I felt like it was inappropriate for their audience to be limited to a few dozen people hanging out in Albany on a Thursday night. I suspected they thought it was inappropriate too.

And then, they disappeared.

lip talk 1

Well, actually, they just moved to Brooklyn and renamed themselves Lip Talk, went full-on art pop, and now they’re doing a residency at Shea Stadium (which used to be the name of a place in Queens where my fifth grade class went on a bus to see Howard Johnson hit home runs, but now is the name of another place in Brooklyn where super-hip, edgy bands hide out and play awesome music). Their band leader is still Sara Kyle-Pedinotti, one of those super-talented, weird girls who got to grow up in an era when Kate Bush and Bjork already exist, giving her permission to let her creativity unfurl in mind-numbing layers of magical fashion and unexpected time signatures. They released an EP called Lucky last year; the title track attacks ears with the full range of what the band is now capable of – densely layered electric guitar loops and beats, an undulating bassline, and their singer’s now fully realized vocal wizardry:

Several months later, Lip Talk released a single called “Ghost,” with Kyle-Pedinotti exploring her right to sing like Aaliyah, while guitarist Chris Kyle blares feedback over a dance beat:

Well, this is all very interesting, but what else you got, Lip Talk? It’s been four years since Railbird took a musical left turn, offered us No One, and then set out on the open road to share their gifts with the rest of the world. All I’m saying is: it’s time. Drop a full album that knocks our socks off, just like all of us back home knew you would.

Visit Lip Talk at their official website, or on Facebook.

Stream or download the music of Railbird on Bandcamp.

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