Bi:Lingual- “Subject Number”


Dave Keneston

Do you like heavy, fuzzed-out guitar riffs? How about antagonistic, withering rhymes from an indignant, belligerent emcee? Perhaps you fancy tight grooves that segue into raucous chanting choruses? How about a noise guitar solo with a dash of Phrygian dominant phrasing? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, your ears will devour Bi:Lingual’s debut single, “Subject Number” like a malnourished homeless child scarfing down a half eaten Mcnugget retrieved from a graffiti laden dumpster.

The disgusted wrath of lead singer/emcee Dylan Teague is palpable from the first syllable he spits as he expresses his disdain and bewilderment for corporatized, pre-packaged rock bands. The rhythmic verses give way to frenetic explosions of angst and rage during the cacophonous refrains, conveying a sense of boiled over frustration.

Guitarist George Louca, Bassist Aaron Lythe, and Drummer Stephanos Louca work as a singular unit throughout the song, laying the frenzied foundation for Teague’s anti-mass marketed music rants. The only departure is an all too brief guitar solo that conjures images of a tatted up snake charmer on acid. It might be the guitarist in me coming out, but I hope these guys let it stretch out a bit longer in their live performances.

The song comes to a cold stop as Dylan screams out the final chorus, cementing the bands illustration of revulsion towards the status quo of the pop music industry. Bi:Lingual doesn’t apologize for what they believe in, and they are ready to die on the stage preaching to their faithful. If you don’t want to attend worship, they’ll gladly tell you to go fuck yourself, and that’s exactly what a rock band is supposed to do.

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Twitter: @BiLingualrshit
Instagram: BiLingualBand


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