Old School Record Review Interview Series Episode #11 The Blind Owl Band

maxresdefaultAre you familiar with Adirondack freight train string music? Northern contemporary bluegrass perhaps? The Blind Owl Band came on the podcast to discuss their unique approach to bluegrass and string music. There is a ghostly grittiness to many of the songs from this ragged brotherhood of brigand balladeers that is somehow calming and reassuring. Whether they’re working the festival circuit or playing at the Waterhole in their hometown of Saranac Lake, New York, The Blind Owl Band brings an intense energy and desire to every performance. Their most recent album, The Train We Ride is Made of Wood and Steel is available for purchase on Bandcamp. Be sure to catch The Blind Owl Band and previous podcast guests The North and South Dakotas, at the Fiddler’s Picnic festival in Macedon, NY June 12-15 2014.

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Here are the guys expressing their sentiments on the limitless possibilities of platonic love between bandmates


10313453_724443367618893_7146281748005768426_nBind Owl Band Website

Blind Owl Band Facebook

Blind Owl Band Bandcamp

Fiddler’s Picnic Page

Who doesn’t like their bass players in a hotdog costume?

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