Sticking it to the Man – Six Decades of Teen Angst (The 2000s)

The 2000s are a downer.  I want to be more positive about them as I was tail-ending my teen years in the early 2000s, but Emo ruined everything.  You get to the 2000s and it is just all eyeliner and whimpering, so I’ve done the best I could here under the circumstances.

1 – Simple Plan – Welcome to My Life – 2005

If we’re being honest (and we are, right?), I hate this song.  So much so that it almost makes me want to join the establishment and smother these kids with rules and disappointment.  However, this song hits all the major teen angst pre-reqs and enjoyed an unfortunate amount of popularity at the time.  All about feeling out of place and misunderstood, this song, despite being painfully whiny, is a solid representation of oughts’ teen angst.

2 – Audioslave – Show me how to live – 2003

“You gave me a life / now show me how to live” – you are failing your children.  They are lost and blaring this song with their bedroom door closed.  If you don’t know why they seem angry, let me explain.  They lack purpose and direction.  You are not helping and none of the obvious options seem very appealing at sixteen, do they?  And the secret your kids know now for sure, now that they are in their mid-twenties waiting tables and living in your basement, is that you must have known all along that they had no good options and you’ve been falsely cultivating the hope that they will someday feel fulfilled for years.  They resent this.   Still.

3 – Linkin Park – Numb – 2003

“Tired of being what you want me to be.”   We just want to do what we want!  We hate what you want!

4 – Good Charlotte – The Anthem – 2002

Good Charlotte doesn’t want to be just like you and go to college and get a job.  They just want to live their lives and be free and wear too much eyeliner.

5 – Eminem – Cleaning Out My Closet – 2002

This song really encapsulates the contradictory feelings teens have toward their parents.  In one breath asking for forgiveness, in the next telling his mom she is a stupid bitch who should burn in hell.  It is way complicated resenting people you need so bad.

6 – Pink – Don’t Let Me Get Me – 2001

Pink wants to be somebody else.  Teachers don’t like her, her socks are dirty and she is wearing them anyway.  She is on the outside looking in.  She is different because she says so and that makes her complicated and disenfranchised.  Sound like any sixteen year olds you might know?

Long story short, the young are never young long enough to fix anything and adults, who used to want to make a difference are stacking the chips against them wherever possible.  If you don’t believe me, Google “enlistment age” and “college debt”.

Point being, if you are over twenty-seven, you have already sold out.

Adults are the worst, are they not?

2 thoughts on “Sticking it to the Man – Six Decades of Teen Angst (The 2000s)

  1. Pink actually went to the same high school as me, and people say she was a very rebellious student who had a drug problem. I remember my English teacher (who went to my high school at the same time as Pink) saying that she and Pink had even gotten in a few fights! Pink clearly had a lot of teenage angst going on.

  2. Lester Bangs: So, you’re the one who’s been sending me those articles from your school newspaper.

    William Miller: I’ve been doing some stuff for a local underground paper, too.

    Lester Bangs: What, are you like the star of your school?

    William Miller: They hate me.

    Lester Bangs: You’ll meet them all again on their long journey to the middle.

    (Almost Famous)

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