Never Heard of ‘Em #2

by Matt Meade

The Ketamines are first band since The Zombies to make that sound with their guitars.  They possess the whimsy to play pretty authentic AM rock, and the recklessness to belch a dose of Ventures style psychedelic fuzz over the top of it, and the drug fueled insanity to rough it all up with Wire’s lo-fi, art damaged approach.

Unlike those garage, surf and art rock bands of the 60s and 70s, The Ketamines aren’t trying to get on the radio.  If they were, they wouldn’t have to resort to inspired gimmicks such as releasing a series of four 7 inch records, the covers of which can all be combined to form a larger image.

If you don’t believe me, buy their last 4 singles and see for yourself.  They just released the final 7 inch piece of the puzzle.  For $3.00!  You should buy it!


Twitter:  @Ketamines

Label: Mint Records

Best Track: “Double Elevens”

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